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Dinner Menu


Mango Salmon / 19.00

pan seared salmon with mango salsa over mashed potatoes served with veg of the day


Steak & Fries / 23.00

10 ounce new york strip with bearnaise sauce and french fries and veg of the day


Hot & Sticky Shrimp and Grits / 17.00

pan seared shrimp with corn & onion and hot & sticky sauce over cheddar grits


Caribbean Rum Pork / 16.00

roasted jerk pork with cavendish relish over jamaican rice pilaf and veg of the day


Chimichurri Steak / 19.00

8 ounce flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce over spicy sweet mashed potatoes and veg of the day


Coconut Curry / 16.00

grilled chicken or tofu cooked in a coconut curry sauce served over rice with veg of the day


Grilled Chicken Vodka Pasta / 16.00

grilled chicken and penne pasta with a sun dried tomato vodka sauce finished with basil and pickled blistered tomaoes


Scallops & Risotto / 20.00

pan seared wild bay scallops over three onion risotto with a balsamic-pomegranante reduction





Mashed potatoes / 3.00

spicy sweet mashed potatoes / 3.00

cheddar grits /  3.00

veg of the day/ 3.00

side salad /3.00

jamaican rice pilaf / 3.00

fries /2.00

tots /2.00


Kids Menu 12 and under

Kids meals are served with your choice of chip, tots, fries or veg of the day


Pasta & Sauce / 5.00

Hot Dog  / 5.00

Cheese Pizza / 5.00

Grilled Cheese / 5.00

Founded in 1968, Sugar Valley Golf Club offers a first-rate golf experience, the region’s newest clubhouse, unmatched amenities, and countless social and recreational opportunities. Come visit us today to see for yourself why Sugar Valley Golf Club is Dayton’s premier golf and social club.


Welcome to Sugar Valley Golf Club

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